At Val Schons (German: Schamsertal), time is not in a rush. Here time reveals ist intrinsic beauty. In century-old cultural treasures, even in the shape of prehistoric stone artefacts. Legendary landscapes with picturesque farm villages and majestic mountains amongst which hundreds of mountain goats live in peace.
Mountain nature, where your sense of time transforms into a wondrous ease of existence.
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This Romansh-speaking municipality comprises Casti at 1170 m above sea level as well as Wergenstein 1489 m above sea level. It has 53 inhabitants and is a favourite departure point for hikes and ski tours.

Getting here by public transit
Train via Chur and Thusis; Transfer in Thusis to the Post Bus towards Zillis, Wergenstein.
Seat reservation required for the Post Bus from Chur to Zillis (express service to Bellinzona); call +41 58 386 32 83
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Luggage transportation
Check-in and check-out of luggage

Bus Alpin
On Saturdays and Sundays between July to October (including August 1), Bus Alpin goes from Wergenstein via Dumagns to the parking lot at Tguma at 2300 m above see level.
Departure from Wergenstein at 8.23 am.
Return trip from parking lot Tguma at 4.56 pm
The times accommodate public transit schedule Bus Alpin

Getting here by car:
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